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What role do you play?你扮演哪个角色? The titular role in a play.剧中的标题人物

Role paly ---Jingke put-out the king of Qin 旁白 Long long ago there was a crazy country, in this crazy country there were some crazy people, trying to show the crazy history by crazy ways. MrJingke was the most famous swordsman(剑客) and was

服务员:A 顾客:B/C/D B:Would you like to have supper with me? C:I'd like to,let's go! D:Me too! B:Great!let's go together! RESTRUANT A:Welcome!What would you like to eat? B:Some bread and some milk,please. C:en.a cup of tea. A:Do you

tom,nick,emma,cathycathy:hey guys!you won't believe it,i just won the running competition!nick:wow congratulation!i'm not a fun of running thoughemma:i love running,what

那个5 6 分钟还蛮长的我3页的演讲也是6分钟你就尽量讲的慢一点..a: Do you guys want to study the math test together? Just the three of us?b: Sure, where?C: Can we do it in the library? It's closer to my house.a: Sure, I don't mind

California Linguistic Notes Volume XXIX No. 1 Summer, 2004 Andrew Wilson Lancaster University, UK When Contextualization Cues Mislead: Misunderstanding, Mutual Knowledge, and Non-Verbal Gestures Gumperz (1995: 120) has commented

我们曾经做过一个英文role play 《狮子王》 虽然不是经典名著 但这个确实蛮适合的.最后老师边鼓掌边说 you will surely get full mark~ 满分的不多~~

A:Hey,how's it doing?B:Yeah,not too bad.A:BCan we have a talk today?B:Sure.I'm free now,what'up?A:umhBefore all this starts,I have to say that I dont't mean to criticize youbut there's something we must talk about.B:OK,just go ahead.A:I think

First of all,I would like to thank you for putting forward interesting topics.I once attended a seminar with a group of American teachers.At the end of the seminar,all of us had to speak a few words i

The library is where we can borrow books.For a lot of etiquette with the library, we should keep the library is not allowed to speak loudly. Please keep quiet in the library, don't eat and drink in the library, that might get dirty.. Borrow books to line up, but


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